Re: Gold *includes* green - access to Gold is not limited to any platform, database, publisher

From: Jeffery, KG (Keith) <"Jeffery,>
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 15:15:18 -0000

Jan -
I agree gold publishing does not stop parallel green - and hence
OAISTER/OAI-PMH distributed access - but will the author be encouraged /
stimulated to parallel green deposit when s/he knows that the OA gold
route makes the publication available free at the point of use (on a
publisher's database); my point was less about technical feasibility than
observed practice.
With a conventional publishing environment the author/researcher is
encouraged to parallel green deposit by a combination of funder mandates
and desire for widest dissemination / impact well over and above that of
the conventional (subscription-based) publishing route.
Stevan -
I agree with your comments; thanks for them
Both/list -
Sorry for the confusion; I was (as usual) too terse!

Jan Velterop wrote:

> It seems as though Keith misunderstands Gold OA, unfortunately. Gold
> comes with Green. Access to Gold is not limited to any platform,
> database, publisher. Gold includes everything that Green offers, and
> more, without delay or embargo, without having to rely on unofficial,
> draft, author versions, but with the full, formally published version.
> The reverse is not so.
> Jan Velterop
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