Re: Some initial thoughts on the Brussels Declaration on STM publishing

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That's certainly the case (though perhaps not really all that
widespread), if the simple 'licence to publish in the journal' is
sufficient 'payment' for the publisher and journal in question. Other
publishers may requite exclusive rights for dissemination for a limited
period of time, e.g. 12 months. The point is, any transfer of rights,
temporary or permanent, or any granting of licences, is a form of payment
of the author to the publisher for the service of formally publishing his
article in a peer-reviewed journal. They all, in some way or other,
involve limitation of access (for a while, to the final version, and what
have you). If that form of payment is replaced by cash, the article can
be available with full and immediate open access.


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Jan,  lots of publishers are prepared to offer a simple "licence to
publish in a journal", with the author retaining ALL other rights.  The
publisher does not get "all the dissemination rights", just the right to
disseminate within the vehicle of the journal, leaving the author free to
disseminate using, e.g., web pages, repositories and so on.  The
publisher usually requires a cross-reference to the journal bibliographic
citation, which is fair enough.


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