Re: Some initial thoughts on the Brussels Declaration on STM publishing

From: Steve Hitchcock <>
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 14:59:29 +0000

Jan liberally sprinkles the term 'exclusive' throughout the first half of
his posting hoping that nobody will question it. Well Charles has, and so
am I. Exclusivity may have been standard journals practice, but no longer.
That is a key change, and an enabler for OA. Journal value-added can no
longer be based solely on exclusivity. So I suggest that in reading this
part you mentally omit that term (except where it is used for definition),
and see what effect that has.

Second, on 'appeasement', who is being appeased? Is Jan suggesting that
authors are being appeased? If so, I would call this responding to your
customers. Or is Jan invoking another of those metaphors that have been
prevalent recently in which publishers, authors and others are pitted as
enemies? As for the rest, it doesn't really follow, but Jan can have the
chance to reconstruct his arguments on firmer foundations before launching
into that.

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At 13:52 21/02/2007, C.Oppenheim wrote:
>Jan, lots of publishers are prepared to offer a simple "licence to
>publish in a journal", with the author retaining ALL other rights. The
>publisher does not get "all the dissemination rights", just the right to
>disseminate within the vehicle of the journal, leaving the author free to
>disseminate using, e.g., web pages, repositories and so on. The publisher
>usually requires a cross-reference to the journal bibliographic citation,
>which is fair enough.
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