Re: Why Cornell's Institutional Repository Is Near-Empty

From: Andrew A. Adams <A.A.Adams_at_READING.AC.UK>
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2007 20:30:46 +0900

K.G.Jeffery wrote:
> Following the suggestion (Michael Carroll) that a slideset should be =
> available to assist persons perusading others about OA (and specifically =
> green OA) I suggested to Stevan that he should make his excellent set =
> available. His reply (with the URL of the conference) is below. The =
> specific URL for his slideset is =
> ad-1-022007_en.pdf

I'm not fussed about taking credit for the suggestion, but I wouldn't want to
have Michael Carrol accused of any mistakes I may have made. Michael Carrol
said that "faculty are much more likely to support a mandate if they ...
impose it on themselves." to which I then replied supporting this opinionm
and suggesting we needed some good sets of slides to aid local advocacy.

(Sorry about the unclear attribution of Michael's words and my reply - I'm on
this list by digest and sometimes quoting isn't as easy as it should be from
large issues of the digest. In my previous message on this, Michael Carrol
wrote the first paragraph and I replied with the rest.)

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