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To take up the last point, for years the EC has been preaching CERIF quietly but allowing individual directors-general to do whatever they wish in their own directorates. There is the usual inter-directorate silo mentality.

However, the requirement for CORDIS to be CERIF compatible was in the last tender exercise and I understand from Mike Rogers (who sadly is leaving CORDIS) that the contractor is looking at how to implement CORDIS in CERIF. Of course, this would permit strong encouragement of green OA to make outputs available.

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Professor Keith Jeffery said (Re: Inaccessible Research Publications Versus Unpublished Research )
>"Of course, I would also add that when the objects in an OA repository
cross linked with a CRIS (current research information system) then the evaluation of research output is more effective and efficient and benefits everyone. For details of CRIS see" ( , full url at [0] ). I note from that CERIF (the Common European Research Information Format) is a recommendation by the EU to the member states.

On 13 March 2007 the European Commission announced "New projects reports available" ( The announcement refers to an OA repository of reports from projects that Europe has supported under its fifth framework programme ( , full url at [1]).

I find this repository difficult to navigate. I dont think that the objects in the repository have any cross links. So I wonder if the Commission is following its own CERIF recommendation.

The Commission has also just published a Communication "Scientific Information In The Digital Age: Access, Dissemination And Preservation"
(word document) ( , full url at [2]). The Communication is about to be discussed by the European Parliament [3] and by scrutiny committees in national parliaments [4].

Is the Commission preaching CERIF, and practicing something else? It would be helpful if readers with archiving expertise could look at the Commission's repository ( , full url at [1]), and post comments, favourable or unfavourable, to this list. A consensus here would help legislators to consider "Access, Dissemination And Preservation"
with due diligence.


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