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Without wishing to defend this particular case, I feel I should point out
that there needs to be some sort of relationship between the length of the
embargo period and the frequency of publication of the journal. A journal
published only twice a year which had an embargo period of six months would
have only one issue under embargo at any time; a weekly with a six-month
embargo would have 26 issues protected. Publishers of quarterlies typically
want a minimum of a year's embargo.

Fytton Rowland, Loughborough University

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> While looking at the Journal of Legal Studies for possible submission, I
> noted the University of Chicago Press is green for its journals. It allows
> non-commercial deposit, specifically including institutional repository
> deposit. There is an interesting element in it's embargo period:
> ...
> Can I include my published paper in an official institutional repository?
> You may place your published paper in a non-commercial data repository
> maintained by an institution of which you are a member, provided that all
> relevant conditions described in this FAQ and on the journal's home page
> are
> met. Your paper may be made publicly available after the appropriate
> embargo
> period* has been observed. You are responsible for informing the manager
> of
> the institutional repository of the embargo period that must be observed.
> *Embargo periods are as follows: American Journal of Human Genetics: 6
> months; Astrophysical Journal and Supplement Series, Astronomical Journal,
> Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific: 3 years; all
> other
> journals: 12 months.
> ...
> As has been stated here many times, ID/OA with an embargo period is the
> minimum "green policy" and allows the eprint capability to produce
> more-or-less OA even within the embargo.
> The reason I think this is of interest to the community here is the length
> of
> the embargo period for the three astronomy/astrophysics journals. Has
> anyone
> else come across a THREE YEAR embargo period before?
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