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It is a wrong link to the web page: right page is

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>This may be related to the recently published (last week)
>report on the
>implementation of the EU Copyright Directive amongst Member
>States. If
>I am right, then the discussion won't be of interest to this Forum.
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>Anyone know anything about this?
>"Europe's Digital Library experts set to focus on copyright today (18
>April 2007)The EU's High Level Expert Group on Digital
>Libraries - which
>includes, inter alia, stakeholders from the British Library, the
>Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, the Federation of European Publishers and
>Google - will present this afternoon an advisory report on copyright
>issues to the European Commission. In addition, the group will discuss
>today how to ensure more open access to scientific research and how to
>improve public-private cooperation. The work of the High Level Group is
>part of the European Commission's efforts to make Europe's
>rich cultural
>and scientific heritage available online. For this purpose, the group
>advises the Commission on issues regarding digitisation, online
>accessibility and digital preservation of cultural material."
>"Digital Libraries Initiative web site:
>Source:Europe's Information Society Newsroom Update dated 18 April 2007
>20:24 CET
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