OA in developing countries

From: Michael Smith <Michael.E.Smith.2_at_ASU.EDU>
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 08:22:16 -0700

It is good to know that there is considerable interest and work on OA
in developing countries, and this is not at all surprising. The
intention of my brief post was NOT to say "nobody cares about or is
doing anything about OA in developing countries" (and I certainly did
not intend to insult anyone). Rather, my intention was to point out
what seemed to be a bias in much of the talk and writing on OA: 
issues are typically framed solely in terms of the US and Europe. I
follow the OA literature at a distance, and this bias seems pretty
clear in things that I come across.


Mike Smith


Dr. Michael E. Smith

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School of Human Evolution & Social Change

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