Re: Cost of running an OA repository

From: Alma Swan <a.swan_at_TALK21.COM>
Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2007 11:57:37 -0000

> Does anyone have a good estimate of the real financial cost
> of running an OA repository?

Our own small sample of European repositories revealed that the average
amount spent on setting up the repository was about 10,000 euros, with a
labour investment of some one or two FTEs to keep the repository running
once established. The study conducted by the Association of Research
Libraries (on US repositories) reported an average start-up cost for a
repository of 183,000 USD (125,000 euros); the PRG study (on repositories
worldwide) found that the average cost of setting up a repository was 79,000
USD (54,000 euros).

Alma Swan
Key Perspectives Ltd
Truro, UK
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