Assistance please

From: Arthur Sale <>
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2008 15:13:25 +1100

Stevan and Colin


I attach a draft copy of a paper I am preparing to send to the
Australian Minister for research assessment Kim Carr, the two
research councils, and maybe the Federation of Scientific and
Technological Societies (FASTS).


I am going squinty eyed rewriting and redrafting and looking up
source materials, so I am asking you Stevan if you would mind looking
at the rich metrics I have listed and editing/adding (I think Section
4). I am sure this stuff is at your fingertips.


To both Colin and Stevan, a list of suitable references would be
good, but not too many. I think selectivity is better than scattergun
here. I want focus on the concept. To get mandatory OA from an
Australian Research Assessment would be good!


Other comments are of course welcome, even criticisms of my approach.


Thanks in anticipation.



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