Re: How to Compare IRs and CRs

From: Arthur Sale <>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2008 08:14:31 +1100

In response to Tom's request for one university that will guarantee that
they collect all their research output, here are two:

Queensland Institute of Technology, Australia, since 2004. University
mandate since 2004. Now in its 5th year!

University of Queensland, Australia, since beginning of 2008. Now achieving
annual government research reporting through their IR. This implies 100%
coverage of course.

A considerable number of Australian universities, including my own, are
independently going down this latter track.

Not that in neither case is it guaranteed that 100% of deposits are open
access, but it is guaranteed that the deposits are made. In some cases
expiry of an embargo will deal with access to the deposited full texts.

Equally, there is no guarantee that the figure is actually 100%. It may be
99% with a few recalcitrant or lazy non-performers, but that is generally
acceptable. The really active researchers are usually the compliers.

Arthur Sale
University of Tasmania
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