EUA urges universities to develop clear strategies to advance open access

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From the European University Association Newsletter about the EUA
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Spring Conference at the University of Barcelona

[with thanks to Prof. Bernard Rentier]:
      Universities need to do more to develop institutional
      policies and strategies that increase access to their
      peer-reviewed research results to the widest range of
      users, to maximise the impact and visibility of
      university research.

      This is one of the key recommendations published by EUA?s
      Working Group on Open Access, which aim to raise
      awareness of the importance of the open access issue
      within the university community, both in terms of its
      impact upon the research process but also its financial
      implications for university libraries.

      EUA is recommending that universities across Europe
      [each] set up an ?institutional repository? (or take part
      in a shared repository) as a key first step to achieving
      this goal. These repositories should be established and
      managed according to current best practices and policies
      developed by universities should ensure that researchers
      deposit their publications in the repository on
      acceptance of publication. Embargoes should only apply to
      the date of open access provision and not the date of

      University policies should also take better account of
      copyright and the institutional intellectual property
      rights (IPR) management. 

      The recommendations were published following a meeting of
      the EUA Council, which took place before the opening of
      the EUA Spring Conference at the University of Barcelona.
      The working group?s recommendations are based on the core
      premises: the university?s role and responsibility as
      guardian of research knowledge as a ?public good? and
      that the results of publicly funded research should be
      publicly available as soon as possible; and that quality
      assurance peer review processes are pre-conditions for
      scholarly publishing. 

      Please click here to read the fullrecommendations:
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