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From: Open Access <science_at_FREE.FR>
Date: Sat, 3 May 2008 18:19:42 +0200

Dear friends

This mailing list is not supporting messages
written in HTML,
The machine generated text version of our announcement on this
list is not very readable, Sorry.
Even more so the link to the archives

I guess also that attached document are not allowed either since I
haven't see anyone yet on this list.

Therefore please refer to the link
for the announcement.

It is an opportunity to underline that this year is the first year
that we are getting out of procedural issues, and we are going to start
to discuss substantive issues.
You are most welcome to attend, and your input will he highly
appreciated.However one must not have unreasonably high expectations.
No matter what, UN processes are slow.

I did not post much about WSIS implementation in the past,
 on this list, since it was felt that UN procedural debates would
discourage most concerned stakeholders from attending the
WSIS action lines facilitation meetings for ever !, even when
meetings would begin to look interesting to non-UN cognoscenti.

Concerning the WSIS C3 Access to Knowledge action line,
an agenda is in the works at UNESCO.
The C3 agenda this year should be focused on Free Software.
I will keep you posted.


World Summit On the Information Society (WSIS)
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Patents & Copyrights   : co-chair
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