Browsing OA archives and IRs

From: N. Miradon <nmiradon_at_YAHOO.FR>
Date: Mon, 26 May 2008 05:48:57 -0400

I've just discovered Scopus, "the world~Rs largest abstract and citation
database of research literature and quality web sources" [0].

Scopus offers a very nice interface to browse the literature; e.g. to search
for papers, to follow along backwards from each paper to its references, or
forwards from each paper to the papers that cite it, to output the results
in RIF etc format, to download the pdfs, etc etc.

But although Scopus covers over 500 OA journals, you can only get into
Scopus if your institution has taken out a Scopus subscription.

Question - does a similar facility exist for browsing OA archives and IRs? I
couldn't find anything in " Software: a Review" or in "A Guide to
Institutional Repository Software" [1,2].

And if scOApus does _not_ exist, how much coding effort would be required to
at least make a start? Could a Google Summer of Code make a first step?

i.e. What are we waiting for?

N Miradon



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