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From: Alma Swan <a.swan_at_TALK21.COM>
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 11:26:47 +0100

Dear everyone,
> Here's one with, hardly any, contents for my faculty:
> There is no perceived "obstacle" to deposit by my colleagues,
> cultural, practical or whatever. The concept of eprint
> deposit is simply not known to or envisaged by them. Every
> year or two I ask them about eprint deposit. They remain
> unaware of its existence or meaning.

Researcher unawareness of the utility and benefits of self-archiving in a
repository is indeed a major factor, as I keep reporting. But there is more
to it than that. It is all said in the short quote on page 3 of this article
( from a senior academic, obliged by a
mandate to deposit his work. He witnesses all the benefits, yet still admits
that, in the midst of a busy life, to get him to do things that are even of
proven benefit to himself, he needs to be *required* to do so. Just as it
took a law to get the majority to use seatbelts, even though we all
acknowledged what a good idea they were.
Alma Swan
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