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All -
As others have said let us get back to the purpose of this thread and
stop fretting about how it is moderated; the vote has taken place, let
us all get on with sharing experiences, views and proposals concerning
the real challenges we face.

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On 23 Oct 2008, at 12:09, Sally Morris (Morris Associates) wrote:
> Here's a set of 'rules' for another email discussion forum, one which
> I personally think is moderated in an exemplary fashion

I expect there are hundreds of other discussion forums whose charters
and processes are indeed praiseworthy. To forestall a combinatorial
explosion of admirable attributes, let me draw the attention of those
who are interested to the following analysis of the diverse practices of
mailing list moderation:

Berge, Z.L. & Collins, M.P. (2000). Perceptions of e-moderators about
their roles and functions in moderating electronic mailing lists.
Distance Education: An International Journal, 21(1), 81-100.

Given the range of practices represented above and the result of the
recent vote, I propose that the status quo is admirable position to
maintain. (Moderation-wise, not OA-wise!)
Les Carr
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