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On Sat, Nov 22, 2008 at 12:54 AM, Michael Eisen <>
      Is rabulistic a word?

      From OED for "rabulous"  
      As befits the rabble or vulgar element of the populace,
      scurrilous; vulgar; base.
        In quot. 1654: of or belonging to the rabble
      (see RABBLE ROUT n. 2).
      1538 in State Papers (1834) III. 1 He hath..rayled and
      raged ayenste me, calling me heritike and begger, with
      other rabulouse revilinges. 1574 R. ROBINSON Rewarde of
      Wickednesse Prol. sig. B3, The chiefe Captaines of all
      this rablous route, Were Oppression of the poore and eake
      Priuate gaine. 1654 M. STEVENSON Occasions
      Off-spring 123 When you begin the clamour of your plate
      you make the rabulous rout at Billingsgate Mute as their
      1914 F. POLLOCK tr. T. Niemeyer in Law Q.
      Rev. 30 167 Ihering [sc. Rudolf von Jhering] says: 'The
      weakness of Portia's judgment lies juridically in this,
      that as she did not decide against the validity of the
      bond on the ground of its being contra bonos mores, it
      was nothing but a miserable rabulous trick to forbid the
      inevitable shedding of blood. In defeating Shylock's
      claim she slew the law of Venice.'


From Google for "rabulistic"
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      Did you mean: rabulistik  [German] 

And now, lest this escalate into a philological foray of no relevance
to OA, can we please get back on-topic?

Stevan Harnad

      On Nov 21, 2008, at 7:54 PM, Stevan Harnad wrote:

            " seems to use a rabulistic
            discussion style... Do you think I am
            an idiot..."

Fair warning: Further postings in this vein will not be
approved. This Forum is not for flaming. The messages
will either be kept courteous and nonpersonal, or they
will not appear.

Stevan Harnad
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