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[For those who could not read Karen Hunter's encrypted posting, here
is the ascii version]

Thanks for pointing out a possible misunderstanding.

I was not trying to suggest that authors could not work with others
around them to assist them with postings. What our policy is intended
to address are non-author initiatives (for example, by an IR
administrator) to periodically crawl our site and harvest all
articles (or, in this case, early manuscript versions) originating
from a given institution. By the way, we are happy to work with the
institution on ways to post metadata and link to the final article on


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      A question /comment.  In many of our departments, the
      people who would most likely be assigned by the faculty
      member to download the accepted manuscript for posting to
      websites and IR's are graduate students and office
      secretaries, or other support staff. A strict reading of
      this suggests such staff/assistants would not be allowed,
      yet they are the most likely to get the assignment in my

      Chuck Hamaker
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