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2008/12/8 Stevan Harnad <>:
> On 8-Dec-08, at 11:23 AM, Klaus Graf wrote:
>> Here are my new findings (entry in German):
>> There a now lots of bibliographical entries but very few fulltexts.
> Below are listed ZORA's total deposits to date.
> 2009 (3)
> 2008 (2235)
> 2007 (441)
> 2006 (415)
> 2005 (472)
> 2004 (402)
> 2003 (367)
> 2002 (298)
> 2001 (363)
> 2000 (298)
> 1999 (210)
> 1998 (210)
> 1997 (203)
> 1996 (255)
> 1995 (118)
> 1994 (27)
> 1993 (21)
> 1992 (2)
> 1991 (14)
> 1990 (6)
> 1989 (2)
> 1988 (1)
> 1986 (2)
> 1985 (2)
> 1981 (1)
> 0208 (1)
>> Number of deposits on December 5, 2008: 50
>> Free fulltext: 10
>> No fulltext: 13.
> I'm not sure where the figure of 50 came from for Dec 5.


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Here are the numbers for journal articles in the ZORA December 5 sample:

30 journal articles (of 50 entries), free fulltext 7

Klaus Graf
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