Interoperable Repositories Infrastructure Project - community review sought

From: Alma Swan <a.swan_at_TALK21.COM>
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 07:34:22 +0100

An international workshop in Amsterdam in March, funded by JISC, SURF and
DRIVER, discussed work needed to improve interoperability between
repositories. Four areas of work were focused upon:
- citation services
- interoperable identification systems
- repository handshaking (interoperable deposit systems), and
- repository organisation (supporting repositories around the world)

Since the workshop, teams have taken the discussions forward and are
developing action plans and project proposals for each topic. Here is an

1. The CITATION SERVICES team now have a draft project proposal available
for community review. Please take a look at it give your comments. It is on
the project wiki here:

2. The wiki also provides an update on all four plans: the team leaders made
short presentations on developments at the OAI6 conference last week and
their Powerpoint files are on the wiki, along with an Update document
summarising the progress and future timelines. Here are the links:

Powerpoints: links from the front page:

3. Finally, the wiki provides extensive background information on
repositories in the form of Briefing Materials under a number of headings.
These are presented in both text and map form on the wiki, accessible from
the links on the wiki front page here: The
original purpose of this background information was to inform the
Repositories Infrastructure Project discussions, but it may be useful to
anyone working on repository-related matters. I am keeping the Briefing
Materials up-to-date as far as I am able, but this is a reminder to you all
to let me know of any new developments you undertake, or things you hear
about that might usefully be brought to the attention of this community, and
I will add them to the Briefing Materials.

Thank you, all.

Alma Swan
Key Perspectives Ltd
Truro, UK
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