Special OAIster Announcement from OCLC

From: Thomas Krichel <krichel_at_OPENLIB.ORG>
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2009 16:13:59 -0400

  I just received this, because I am the maintainer of the RePEc OAI
  gateway http://oai.repec.org. With around 800000 records, it is is
  one of the largest OAI-PMH providers by number of records.

  This rather confusing mail hints that the inclusion of OAIster in
  FirstSearch. It appears to suggest that OAIster will become part of
  a toll-gated product. I suspect that the RePEc community will not
  be very much amused to see OCLC making a commercial gain on what
  RePEc have collected for free use.

  What do others think?


  Thomas Krichel http://openlib.org/home/krichel
                                               skype: thomaskrichel

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From: OCLC <oclc_at_oclc.org>
To: krichel_at_openlib.org
Subject: Special OAIster Announcement

OCLC Updates and Special Offers: OAIster Database Contributors

Dear OAIster database contributor:

In January, OCLC announced a partnership with the University of
Michigan to ensure continued access to your open-archive
collections through the OAIster database and expand the
visibility of your collections to millions of information
seekers through OCLC services. This message provides an update
on our progress and some changes planned for October.
< http://visit.oclc.org/t?ctl=26B403C:09562C313F0DE2FB62E0BBD7DFD73DADF544A2D6437664E7& >

Transition to OCLC

Since January, OCLC has expanded access to your digital
resources in OAIster in the following ways:

Added the OAIster database to FirstSearch Base Package
subscriptions at no additional charge and provided access to
the database through the FirstSearch service.

Provided access to the OAIster database through WorldCat.org,
WorldCat Local and WorldCat Local "quick start" for Base
Package subscribers. Through this enhanced interface, users of
libraries with Base Package subscriptions can search OAIster
alone or in combination with other databases such as WorldCat,
CAMIO or ArchiveGrid.

At the same time, OAIster.org has remained available to provide
ongoing Web access.
< http://visit.oclc.org/t?ctl=26B403D:09562C313F0DE2FB62E0BBD7DFD73DADF544A2D6437664E7& >

Next steps

OCLC and the University of Michigan are working together to
complete the transfer of OAIster harvesting operations to OCLC.

In October 2009, OCLC will add OAIster records to WorldCat.org.
In order to make your OAIster records discoverable on
WorldCat.org, we are requesting your institution's agreement.
Please see item number 2 below.

What do these changes mean for users of the OAIster database?

OAIster users will have two ways to access the records you
contribute to OAIster.

- WorldCat.org search results will include OAIster records.
  WorldCat.org is a publicly available Web site searchable at no
  charge. When users search WorldCat.org, OAIster records will be
  included in search results. Each search will retrieve results
  from the WorldCat database along with OAIster and article-level
  content from sources that now include GPO Monthly Catalog,
  ArticleFirst, MEDLINE, ERIC, the British Library and Elsevier.
  Records from all sources are presented to users in integrated
  search results.

- Authenticated users of libraries that subscribe to the
  FirstSearch Base Package may search OAIster as a separate
  database through WorldCat.org, WorldCat Local and WorldCat Local
  "quick start."
  These users will be able to select OAIster for searching from the
  Advanced search screen.

What do these changes mean for me, as an OAIster contributor?

Your participation in this open archive project will help maintain
the ongoing growth of the OAIster database and ensure that the
OAIster collections continue to support scholarly research,
communication and scholarship. With your commitment, OCLC will
continue to provide access to these valuable resources that
complement the types of resources already cataloged in WorldCat,
broadening the scope of collections to include open archives, and
reaching millions of information seekers through WorldCat.org,
WorldCat Local and WorldCat Local "quick start."

1. Harvesting your metadata (records)
   OCLC will continue to harvest and index the records you make
   available via OAI-PMH. As records are harvested, they will be made
   available through WorldCat.org. Details about harvesting will be
   available on a new Web site in mid-October.

   If you currently use CONTENTdm Digital Collection Management
   Software, you have the added benefit and option of uploading your
   CONTENTdm metadata to WorldCat, for even better Web visibility,
   using the new self-service Web tool--the WorldCat Digital Collection
   Gateway. The Gateway enables you to choose the right content and
   appearance for WorldCat display, as well as how often the metadata is
   synchronized with WorldCat. With your records in WorldCat, your
   collections are more visible and discoverable on the Web by users who
   search WorldCat.org, WorldCat Local and WorldCat Local "quick start",
   as well as Google, Yahoo! and other popular Web sites. Additionally,
   you will have the capability to download the records to your local
   system from WorldCat. If you prefer to use the Gateway to upload your
   records, please contact us at < contentdm_at_oclc.org >. Otherwise, if you
   choose to continue with OAIster harvesting, continue to item 2 below.
   Learn more about the Gateway:
   < http://visit.oclc.org/t?ctl=26B403E:09562C313F0DE2FB62E0BBD7DFD73DADF544A2D6437664E7& >

2. Your institution's agreement requested
   As OCLC prepares to make OAIster records discoverable through WorldCat.org,
   it is important to confirm that your institution agrees to the Terms and
   Conditions that govern contribution of your institution's records to
   OAIster and availability of your institution's OAIster records through
   WorldCat.org. In particular, OCLC wants to ensure that it is not improperly
   using your records. We encourage you to review any copyright restrictions
   in your records, and ensure that they are accurately stated. For example,
   please make sure to distinguish between use restrictions related to the
   resource described and use restrictions related to the metadata record

   Please review the OAIster Terms and Conditions and indicate your acceptance
   of these terms through the Web site. If your institution does not want its
   open archive records now in OAIster to be available through WorldCat.org or
   if you have questions about your rights to distribute your records in this
   way, please contact OAIster product management at < oaister_at_oclc.org >.
   < http://visit.oclc.org/t?ctl=26B403F:09562C313F0DE2FB62E0BBD7DFD73DADF544A2D6437664E7& >

3. Receive access to OAIster at no charge
   As a contributor to the OAIster database, your institution is eligible
   for no-charge access to the database on the FirstSearch services as well
   as the unique database view of OAIster on WorldCat.org at no charge. On
   FirstSearch, you can search the OAIster database as it has existed since
   its addition to the service in early 2009. On WorldCat.org, this no-charge
   access will enable authenticated users to search the OAIster database to
   retrieve results of only OAIster records. NOTE: WorldCat.org searches by
   unauthenticated users will retrieve OAIster records along with all other
   WorldCat.org resources in a single result set.

   To request no-charge access to the OAIster database on FirstSearch and
   WorldCat.org, please complete the required information on the OAIster
   Database Contributors Information form.
   < http://visit.oclc.org/t?ctl=26B403F:09562C313F0DE2FB62E0BBD7DFD73DADF544A2D6437664E7& >

OCLC remains committed to building on the success of OAIster by identifying
open archive collections of interest to libraries and researchers, and
ensuring that open archive collections will be discoverable and accessible
to information seekers worldwide.

Please contact OAIster product management at < oaister_at_oclc.org > with any
questions about the upcoming plans to expand access to content in the OAIster


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