Parallel journals

From: leo waaijers <leowaa_at_XS4ALL.NL>
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2009 15:38:41 +0200


Today, thinking hard again about the (dis)advantages of Green OA the
following idea flashed through my mind. Green OA leads to `parallel
articles', i.e. the post prints of the pdf's in official journals.
Why not having `parallel journals' as well? It's not so difficult I
think. Someone has to generate a list of journal titles and issues
with empty article records. And then every repository can complete
these records with the metadata of the post prints that they hold.
Just like we created union catalogs in the old days.

As I see it, the main advantage is that we can integrate the worlds
of Gold and Green OA at journal level. Wouldn't that be a relief to
readers, funders and authors?

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