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From: Stevan Harnad <>
Date: Mon, 7 Dec 2009 10:48:15 -0500

On 7-Dec-09, at 8:46 AM, Martin Courtois wrote:

      This question has come up several times as I talk with
      faculty about our IR:  How do I cite an article that's in
      an IR?
The root of the question seems to do with page numbers.  If
someone wants to reference a particular page, the page numbers
on the author's manuscript archived in the IR won't match the
page numbers on the publisher's formatted version.  We include
the full citation for all published works in our IR, and I
mention to faculty they can use that citation to locate the
published work (and page number), but that sort of defeats the
purpose of Open Access.  I've also suggested that faculty cite
the item in the IR as a web resource, but that doesn't address
to their liking the issue of citing a specific page.
Has anyone else run into this situation?  Any ideas or
suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Tell authors to cite section and paragraph number instead. (Articles
are cited by their usual journal bibliographic reference -- author,
date, title, journal, volume, issue, pages -- and quoted passages are
specified by section and para #.)

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