Re: Growth rate of OA mandates?

From: Richard Poynder <richard.poynder_at_BTINTERNET.COM>
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2010 07:03:59 -0600

That sounds like an excellent suggestion. So far as I have been able to
establish no one is currently producing accurate data to show the growth of
Gold OA over time.
Clearly it would be a good thing if a method were devised.

Richard Poynder

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Subject: Re: Growth rate of OA mandates?

 Bj√∂rk et al estimated for 2006, that between gold and green OA, 19.6% of
global yearly output of research could be accessed freely.

Can we devise a method of estimating/predicting the growth of the share of
OA in annual global research output, from the growth of gold OA journals and
OA mandates, both institutional and government?

Arif Jinha
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From: "Gavin Baker" <gavin_at_GAVINBAKER.COM>
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Subject: Growth rate of OA mandates?

>I was interested to see, as noted by Heather Morrison recently, that the
> number of institutional and departmental mandates registered in ROARMAP
> more than doubled in 2009:
> Funder mandates were no slouch either, with a 40% increase.
> Has anyone charted the number of mandates over time? From a slow start
> in 2003 to the explosion of 2009, I'm curious what the curve would look
> like...
> Also, any predictions for the future? I'd wager that 2010 looks like
> 2009, give or take 25%. Even in the worst case scenario, that'd still
> mean strong growth (compared to any year other than 2009).
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> Gavin Baker
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