Interview with Open Access publisher In-Tech/Sciyo

From: Richard Poynder <richard.poynder_at_BTINTERNET.COM>
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 09:44:57 -0600

In their efforts to derail the onward march of Open Access (OA) opponents have
conjured up a number of bogeymen about Open Access publishing. First, they
maintain, asking authors to pay to publish could turn scholarly publishing into
a vanity press. Second, they say, OA publishing will in any case inevitably lead
to lax or even non-existent peer review. Third, they argue, OA publishing is not
financially sustainable. I felt the breath of all three bogeymen on the back of
my neck recently, as I conducted an email interview with the CEO of OA publisher
Sciyo, Aleksandar Lazinica — an interview that led the Open Access Scholarly
Publishers Association (OASPA) to ask Sciyo to remove OASPA's logo from its web


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