Re: Facing up to fraud - China's exponential research growth could fuel fraud

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And don't forget the all too numerous instances of fraud which involved hoodwinking "professional peer reviewers" in the USA, UK, etc. and involved toll access journals. Of course high quality peer reviewing is important, but such refereeing occurs in OA just as much as in TA.


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> The January 25 issue of Chemistry & Industry (issue 2, 2010) has a short article on research fraud which includes a sidebar on the situation in China (see below). This suggests that, contrary to Heather Morrison's suggestion, scholar led open access publishing is not a viable solution. Without a cadre of truly professional peer-reviewers, publication in Chinese journals will become increasingly suspect.

I draw the reverse conclusion. The frauds were discovered precisely because the already-peer-reviewed-material was available in an open access form for subsequent analysis.
See the IUCR editorial , and the 2004 presentation to the BCA "Crystal Structure EPrints: Publication _at_ Source Through the Open Archive Initiative" ( )
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