Re: The numbers - Re: [BOAI] Success of U Liege Mandate Linked to Performance Assessment

From: Bernard Rentier <brentier_at_ULG.AC.BE>
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2010 21:39:49 +0200

Talking about censorship and personal attacks, I find it difficult to read Mr. Graf's endless accusations.
Obviously, he and I (and many people) have a different understanding of the word "worthless".
If he finds the Liege deposit ORBi "worthless", with 42,524 references in 18 months, 25,791 of which in full text and 12,043 in open access (the others being available through a digital copy request) is not worthless. This is not 100% OA, of course, but it is a great progress in that direction. In additions, it serves very usefully the University's ambition to increase significantly the visibility of its scientist's publications. My own old ones have unexpectedly found a second life there.

I deeply regret Mr Graf's sense of debating, which is uselessly aggressive, as always.
It is also very biased, just as the examples he is presenting from ORBi. One important piece of information is that full text is mandatory for deposit only for publications (articles) since 2002. It is quite understandable why researchers bother less often about digging out their old papers.

I am impressed by the Forum moderator's patience... I am sure he realizes that Mr Graf's outrageous postings do not serve the cause of OA, of course, but also jeopardize the Forum credibility. His role as moderator is also to make sure there is no such drift in language and behavior. If anyone can have such ruthless expression and be published on the Forum, what is moderation all about ?

I share David Prosser's opinion that Mr Graf should open his own list. He will be debating with himself and leave the American Scientist Open Access Forum go on with peaceful discussions (by the way, it appears that he runs a blog, and that he uses it for fighting his usual nemesis:

I shall end by saying that I am not ready to spend more time reacting to Mr Graf's aggressions. It is the second time and hopefully the last.

Bernard Rentier
Chairman, EOS
Rector, ULg, Belgium

Le 2 juin 2010 à 19:41, Klaus Graf a écrit :

> 2010/6/2 Stevan Harnad <>:
>> [With some misgivings, I approved Dr. Graf's earlier posting referring to
>> "liar," and now this one referring to "evil," but I remind Dr. Graf that the
>> patience of this Forum's readership for his habitual rudeness is wearing
>> mighty thin by now, and temperateness would be advisable if he wishes to
>> have further postings approved.]
> I do not appreciate censorship and personal attacks. Mr. Harnad is
> misusing his authority as list moderator for both things. May I
> remember at
> I would like to see a not-Harnad-censored list discussing OA problems
> with free speech.
> BTW: From the first 19 of the 49 2008 ORBI deposits in the field of
> History have only 2 OA full text, and under the journal articles with
> request-button is one in a (non-peer-reviewed) OA journal
> (!
> Klaus Graf
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