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From: Andrew A. Adams <aaa_at_MEIJI.AC.JP>
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2010 20:46:43 +1000

> On Fri, 17 Sep 2010, Andrew A. Adams wrote:
> > AAA:
> > During Open Access Week in October both Otaru University of Commerce and
> > Hokkaido University will be holding meetings to promote deposit and adoption
> > of a mandate. I have accepted invitations to speak at both events, arranged
> > by Shigeki Sugita of the library at Otaru University of Commerce and Masako
> > Suzuki of the library at Hokkaido University. Both are keen supporters of
> > Green OA and a deposit mandate and are working hard to persuade managers and
> > faculty at these two very different though physically close universities to
> > adopt mandates (Otaru, being small and with limited funds has an access
> > problem itself, whereas Hokkaido is one of the top ten universities in Japan
> Splendid news from AAA, Asian Archivangelist!
> > and provides full funding of toll-gate access fees for its staff, who
> > nevertheless lose impact for their publications when they are not deposited,
> > unless published in an OA journal)
> This is the familiar "gold rush," which impels institutions to imagine,
> unthinkingly, that what they need to do in order to have OA today
> is to spend their scarce resources to subsidize the costs of Gold OA
> publication -- even though most of the potential funds to do so are
> still tied up in paying the institutional subscriptions that are covering
> the costs of journal publication today. And meanwhile these institutions
> are not adopting the cost-free Green OA self-archiving mandates that would
> provide OA to all their subscription journal articles too!

Stevan has misinterpreted my admittedly very shorthand description of
Hokkaido's situation. What I was referring to was the Hokkaido as a
well-funded top-10 University in Japan subscribes to many of the publishers'
complete access but also provides direct payment for individual item access
costs when Hokkaido's researchers encounter an article not available under
the existing subscription. Thus, researchers at Hokkaido themselves
experience no access problems in their reading, but their writing misses out
on readers just the same as everyone else's. They haven't succumbed to
pre-emptive Gold Fever, but have not yet embraced a Green Mandate. My goal in
speaking there will be to promote the benefits of mandating archiving to the
authors and the institution in terms of visibility and impact.

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