Kirk Martinez - My Research Students

Jiawei Lu - IoT environmental sensing

Alex Owen - Web of Things

Past PhD Students

Graeme Bragg - ARM-based "internet of things environmnental sensor networks"

Tyler Ward - tuning Internet of Things networks for environmental sensing

Rehab Al Beladi - semantic reasoning meets sensor data streams

Philip Basford - Sensor Networks - data strategies for sensor networks

Franz de Leon Advanced music classification

Aniza Othman Semantic based Content browsing of image collections

Leif Isaksen - Semantic Web tools for archaeology research (see his thesis)

Salma Noor - Semantic Web & Cultural heritage See her video

Joshua Ellul - Sensor Networks - sensor network languages

Paritosh Padhy - Sensor Networks

Simon Goodall Content-based retrieval of 3D objects (in SCULPTEUR)

Patrick Sinclair Augmented Reality research - who worked for the BBC and went on to software development

Fazly Abas Shape and Feature detection for art conservation applications - now Lecturer in Multimedia University, Malaysia

Junaidi Abdullah Advanced camera calibration for Augmented Reality applications - now lecturer in Multimedia University Malaysia


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