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Dr Stuart E. Middleton

Stuart is a Lecturer in Computer Science working for the University of Southampton, Department of Electronics and Computer Science.

Stuart's research interests are focussed on natural language processing / computational linguistics and information extraction. He has been a PI and CoI on various Research Council projects, EU H2020, Innovate UK, Home Office and DSTL projects. Many of these projects are cross-disciplinary in nature, featuring consortia with a mixture of academic and commercial partners experienced in a range of domains and disciplines. His PhD looked into recommender systems and ontologies, working under supervisors Prof Dave de Roure and Prof Sir Nigel Shadbolt, and was completed in Oct 2002.

Stuart can be contacted at, twitter:@stuart_e_middle.

Stuart graduated in electrical engineering from Southampton University in 1992, and has since worked commercially for Lloyd's of London, RACAL and DERA before joining Southampton University again in 1999. Stuart has thus acquired experience in a wide range of domains working at the highest level. Stuart is a senior member of the ACM and PRINCE2 practitioner.

A list of Stuart's publications can be found here. Site last update Sept 2020.

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