Welcome to Disability Support

Disability Support aim to enable every student to reach their full potential at university by providing support, information and advice tailored to meet individual needs. The team hope to enable students to take part as fully and as equitably as possible in every aspect of university life - not just in academic activities.

Information on the types of support and services available to you whilst at university can be found on this website. Information on the accessibility of the different parts of the university can be found on the disabled go website. Additional to this, to the right of this page you can download a map that displays accessible routes around Highfield Campus.

The Disability Support Team provides support for students who have a disability or health condition including:

• a sensory (visual / hearing) impairment;

• a mental health difficulty (students are also supported by Mentoring);

• a mobility impairment;

• a dexterity impairment;

• a physical disability;

• Asperger’s Syndrome and other autism spectrum disorders;

• health conditions (e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, asthma);

• chronic pain / chronic fatigue;

• any other condition which has a long-term and adverse effect on studying.

Students who have specific learning difficulties (e.g. dyslexia, dyspraxia) are supported by Dyslexia Support.

You do not need to be registered as having a disability to access our services, although we may need to ask for medical evidence, where appropriate.

The Disability Support Team has good links with the Student's Union, especially with the Disabilities Co-ordinator. Click the link for the PDF at the right of this page for more information about the Student's Union involvement in issues that are disability related.