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Feature Extraction & Image Processing for Computer Vision

Mark S. Nixon and Alberto S. Aguado

Welcome to the homepage for Feature Extraction & Image Processing for Computer Vision, 4th Edition. Here you'll find extra material for the book, particularly its software.

The Fourth Edition is out Sep 2019 and is being marketed on Amazon now.

Here is the new 4th Edition contents - it's much more up-to-date in terms of image processing, low-level feature extraction and high-level feature extraction with many other improvements throughout. The support software is now in Matlab and Python, and is available for educational use .

New material includes
  • image operators: Non-Local Means, Bilateral Filtering
  • new point detectors: FAST, ORB, FREAK, BRIEF, LOCKY
  • saliency: Context Aware Saliency and other saliency operators
  • extended optical flow : Deepflow, Epicflow and extensions
  • moments formulated in discrete space : Tchebichef and Krawtchouk Moments
  • region based operators : Watershed transform, Maximally Stable Extremal Regions and superpixels (Normalised Cuts and SLIC)
  • moving objects : Space-Time Interest Points
  • and a whole new Chapter on Distance, Classification and Learning, which includes Deep.

* * * Filtered face image Edge detected lizard found human artery superpixels fourier descriptors 3D cube tracking a footballer

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* Read a review of the first edition from The Computer Journal
"In conclusion, the book is well organized and presented, and covers all major areas of feature extraction in image processing and computer vision"
* Read a review of the second edition from the IAPR Newsletter
"This book could be used for an introductory course if the instructor supplements with material from his or her favorite sub-topics. The book can also be used as a good framework to facilitate a broad range of discussion topics through its content and extensive references."
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