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Feature Extraction & Image Processing for Computer Vision

Mark S. Nixon and Alberto S. Aguado

Welcome to the homepage for Feature Extraction & Image Processing for Computer Vision, 3nd Edition. Here you'll find extra material for the book and many links we use for image processing and computer vision.

The Third Edition is out Sep 2012 and is being marketed on Amazon. Here's the new contents - it's much more up-to-date in terms of image processing, low-level feature extraction and high-level feature extraction with many other improvements throughout. There is also a new Chapter on moving object extraction, tracking and description, and a new appendix on colour models. The tutorial and support material has been extended and refined as necesary and as well as the new chapters, new material has been added including SIFT, SURF, HoG, Viola Jones, Haar wavelets and Local Binary Patterns.

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The book itself:

* Title and Contents
Title pages and contents listing
* Preface
Why did we write a new Edition? what's in it and thanks!
* Buy it?
* Read a review of the first edition from The Computer Journal
"In conclusion, the book is well organized and presented, and covers all major areas of feature extraction in image processing and computer vision"
* Read a review of the second edition from the IAPR Newsletter
"This book could be used for an introductory course if the instructor supplements with material from his or her favorite sub-topics. The book can also be used as a good framework to facilitate a broad range of discussion topics through its content and extensive references."

For material linked directly to the book:

* Worksheets
Electronic demonstrations of the book's contents
* Online Version
So long as you are windows with site access to Referex in Engineering Village 2
* Errata
How to win beer; known errors

For other material:

* General links to image processing and computer vision and related subjects
Major homepages, and newsgroups
* Image processing and computer vision software
Freeware, commercial sites and mathematical software
* Textbooks
Homepages and online books
* Demonstrations
Working demonstrations of computer vision techniques
Filtered face image
Edge detected face
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