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Worksheets for Feature Extraction & Image Processing

Mark S. Nixon and Alberto S. Aguado

In a way, these are the electronic forms of the book, now in Python and in Matlab. They miss out on much of the theoretical explanation as well as many of the pictorial descriptions, but give you working versions of many of the techniques described in the book. There is a student version of Matlab, available at low cost and there is Octave for free. The Python code is also available. We also provide the rather elderly Mathcad worksheets from the Third Edition. Due to problems with Mathcad, all worksheets have been saved in html, so you can definitely see them (yes, there have been problems there). Those worksheets are in two forms: Mathcad2001 (.mcd) and Matchcad14 (.xmcd)

* Complete set (~27MB) of current Matlab scripts and images

* Complete set of Python implementations and images

* some Matlab Fourier descriptors

* Complete set (23MB rar file) of ancient (!!) Mathcad worksheets from the 3rd Edition (Mathcad14, Mathcad2001) and images. If (or when) you can't get them working, there are HTML versions.

Somewhat stung by a (first edition) review on Amazon ("the book only contains Mathcad" ... doh, it has always contined Matlab!) that one of the worksheets didn't work, we checked them all out: they worked perfectly (as they have for years now). Note that vision techniques are not a panacea - the wrong set of parameters can make a technique fail easily.

School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, Highfield, Southampton SO17 1BJ, UK