Multiwavelength Accretion and Transients
Southampton Group

Our group carries out frontline research on observational astrophyics. In particular, we study black holes across the electromagnetic spectrum. We also focus on rapid time-domain studies at multiple wavelengths, including sub-second transients and variables in the night sky.

April, 2019

We won a STAG grant to host a conference on high spectral resoltuion X-ray studies for dark matter, accretion and more. We held a superb meeting in Winchester in summer 2019, discussing the roadmap to full data exploitation. See below for the conference website.

April 30, 2018

Gaia black holes

ESA's Gaia satellite released a treasure trove of stellar astrometric data in April 2018. Our group was eagerly awaiting this, and we rapidly analysed and published a work on the distances and space velocities of Galactic black hole binaries. At least one immediate and huge surprise in there.

April 1, 2018


Our Global Challenge Research Fund project SITARE, funded by the STFC, just completed its first phase. With workshops across India/Nepal culminating in a UK camp, Masters' students were trained in quality education and carried out research/outreach projects. We are fostering future research stars ('sitare')!