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The University of Southampton
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Admission Policies

Within the University, the Admissions Policies Sub-Committee has ownership for all admissions policies and qualification approvals. Chaired by an academic it reports formally to the Academic Quality and Standards Committee.

The University operates a centralised admissions structure with initial decisions on applications made by the admissions team within Professional Services. All decisions are made in accordance with the University Regulations and the University Admissions Policy.

The University’s Admissions Policy sets out our aims when recruiting and admitting students, who is responsible for admitting students, our selection and admission criteria and how we assess applications. It also details how we handle applications from students with disabilities or additional support needs including admission with advanced standing, and applicants with a criminal conviction. The Policy outlines how we handle instances of fraud or misleading information in the applications process. Finally, it sets out the University’s complaints process and related University Regulations.

SAA Staff, for further information please refer to the Admissions Policy section of the SAA Workstream SharePoint.

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