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RAISE Conference 2012 - call for papers!

Published: 20 April 2012

This year's RAISE conference is entitled 'Student Engagement as a shared agenda: people, places, practices' and will be held at the University of Southampton on 13th & 14th of September.

The conference will explore the conceptions and purposes of Student Engagement we share -as academics, students, education developers, student support and professional services – and identify those which rightly belong to other agendas.
If you would like to be actively involved, please submit your paper abstract. Registration will open in May.

The three conference themes are intended to elicit contributions which cross or transcend disciplinary interests and institutional boundaries, offering interpretations which move the debate on in new and interesting ways.

People: Theme 1 focuses on SE as relational, situated, social, personal and developmental. Whether presenting research, reflection or collaborative practice we are seeking contributions which offer new perspectives on such things as student expectations, preparation, identity, transitional events, social networks, relationships, physical and mental health issues, disability, membership and belonging, particularly among groups less well represented in HE.
Places: Theme 2 focuses on the places, spaces, environments and technological systems / resources which impact on and facilitate SE, whether in the university, home, workplace or somewhere between, and whether separated across a table or by a continent.
Practices: Theme 3 focuses on the academic, curricular (design), extra-curricular, student support and professional practices which promote an engaged stance in every student’s learning journey. We wish to see submissions which move the debate on to territory beyond the good practice (which has to be a given) to the sustainable, systematic, novel, experimental, ground-breaking or unique.

For more information on the conference, and guidance on how to submit an abstract, please click here.

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