In 2018, the University of Southampton opened the Centre for Cancer Immunology. Based at Southampton General Hospital, it became the UK’s first centre dedicated to cancer immunology research – and it was funded entirely by philanthropy. Thanks to the incredible support of our donors, we smashed our £25m target to build the Centre, and have been able to accelerate our groundbreaking research within.

Of course, the work didn’t stop once the Centre was built. Thanks to our donor community, we’ve continued to support cancer immunology research – funding the Centre’s talented scientists, innovative ideas, and vital cutting-edge equipment. The ongoing generosity of our donors has also allowed us to fund the UK’s only PhD programme in cancer immunology, right here at Southampton.


The Cancer Immunology Fund is our way of advancing the lifesaving innovations happening at Southampton. Our scientists are making incredible discoveries – and have been for years – but we want to go that one step further. More scientists and more equipment are needed to make our pioneering plans a reality, and accelerate our transformative research.

You can help. By giving to the Cancer Immunology Fund, you’ll be supporting the Centre and its most pressing research needs. We created the Cancer Immunology Fund, simply, to provide a vital resource to our team for advancing their cutting-edge research. This can be though investing in the Centre’s people, their ideas, or the tools that they need to make the breakthroughs. Find out more in our Cancer Immunology Fund brochure about how these three areas are central to achieving our goal to beat cancer.

The Centre is such a dynamic environment, quickly adapting and developing new research themes and treatments. By supporting the Cancer Immunology Fund, you can enable our team to respond to their findings with speed and agility, following their discoveries to make breakthroughs that benefit people across the world.