Professor Tim Elliott, Director of the Centre for Cancer Immunology, has been appointed as Founding Editor-In-Chief of the new journal Immunotherapy Advances.

Immunotherapy Advances
Immunotherapy Advances

The journal is the third official publication of the British Society for Immunology and will be a fully Open Access format, publishing the best research articles, digestible reviews and insightful commentary for a worldwide audience – researchers, doctors, health professionals, patients and a growing body of interested public and policy-makers.

The British Society for Immunology has partnered with Oxford University Press to deliver Immunotherapy Advances. It will join the Society’s two established journals Immunology and Clinical & Experimental Immunology.

Professor Elliott said: “I am very excited to launch Immunotherapy Advances at a time when the clinical application of immunological knowledge is taking off on a large-scale in the treatment of diverse illnesses from cancer to migraine. Immunotherapy Advances will be truly global, and I am appointing Regional Editors from all around the world to help with this aim.

“We will publish research that spans the immunotherapy translational pipeline from discovery research and preclinical animal models through to clinical trials. We also encourage a strong focus on immunological mechanism – the curious mind can often gain important mechanistic insight from all points in the pipeline, and we would like to ensure that this is not lost from studies where mechanism wasn’t the primary aim. Often, this additional insight can come from combining disciplines, so we will also encourage studies that draw on engineering, mathematics and computer science, chemistry and the physical sciences.

“As the field of immunotherapy research grows over the coming years and widens its global reach, my aim is for Immunotherapy Advances to become the go-to repository for high-quality research and a forum to discuss the latest developments in the field”.

The journal is now open for submissions and more information is available here.