Scientists and researchers from the Centre for Cancer Immunology have been presenting their work at several conferences across the globe over the past few weeks.

Professors Peter Johnson and Sean Lim attended the Lugano International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma. Professor Johnson delivered the prestigious John Ultmann Memorial Lecture detailing 25 years of Antibodies in Lymphoma. Professor Lim took part in the conference’s poster session to explain the RiVa trial, which is helping us understand how combining immmunotherapy drugs could help to tackle treatment resistance in B cell lymphoma.

Professors Steve Beers, Mark Cragg and Sally Ward recently attended the European Antibody Engineering and Therapeutics conference in Amsterdam where they presented research, chaired sessions and took part in round table discussions. A man is standing in front of a poster

Professor Gareth Griffiths, Director of the Southampton Clinical Trials Unit, which is based at the Centre presents the NERO trial at the ‘Trials in Progress’ poster session at the American Society of Clinical Oncology conference in June. NERO is testing whether a targeted cancer treatment could improve survival for people with mesothelioma. Additionally, Sean Ewings, Associate Professor of Medical Statistics presented his work at the Society for Clinical Trials conference in May.

PhD student Josie Buckingham attended the European Association for Cancer Research to present her work developing a vaccine to target Cancer Associated Fibroblasts in head and neck cancer; while work between the Centre and the Ruotolo Research Group at the University of Michigan that is using Ion mobility-mass spectrometry to better understand the structure of Human IgG2 antibodies was also presented at the American Society for Mass Spectrometry meeting in Houston, Texas.

Our teams have also got presentations coming up over the summer months. For example,

Jemma Longley, CRUK Academic Clinical Researcher in Cancer Immunology, will be presenting at the Annual Clinical Fellows meeting at the CRICK in London, while Denise Boulanger, Senior Research Fellow, will be presenting a joined seminar with her colleague Andy Van Hateren at the University of Edinburgh.

Sonia Gabriela Murillo Barrera will give a poster presentation entitled Discovery of therapeutic targets in Peripheral T Cell Lymphoma at the Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology/European Conference on Computational Biology conference in Lyon, France.

*photo of Professor Gareth Griffiths at the American Society of Clinical Oncology conference. Credit: Southampton Clinical Trials Unit.