Southampton set for £4m cancer battle boost thanks to Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK have announced that our current facilities at Southampton General Hospital will be awarded £4m as part of a £16m UK initiative to help fight the most malignant cancers. The University of Southampton’s Professor Tim Elliott, Director of the Centre for Cancer Immunology, said: “We’re delighted to have been awarded this grant to further our understanding of how immunotherapies work.” Read full story in the Daily Echo.

Immunotherapy saved my life

Read The Sun’s current feature on cancer immunotherapy treatment and its success stories. One of the stories is about Julie Davies, a survivor of advanced follicular lymphoma, and one of our very own clinical trial patients. Here, she tells her own personal story of how an immunotherapy clinical trial put her into remission.

Close collaboration with BioInvent will develop innovative drugs to boost anti-cancer immunity in patients

BioInvent International (STO:BINV) announces that it has gained access to novel technology for making highly efficacious immune stimulatory antibodies to combat cancer. This initiative continues BioInvent’s long standing research collaborations with the University of Southampton. Read full article from the Business Wire.