New test to predict side-effects of immunotherapy cancer treatment

A simple lab-based blood test could potentially identify which cancer patients would get harmful side-effects from antibody immunotherapy treatment, a new Southampton study has shown.

Centre awarded £2.7m for new study in fight against cancer

A new research programme led by scientists at the Centre for Cancer Immunology will give important insight into an integral part of our immune system and the fight against cancer.

New research programme to develop next generation of cancer immunotherapy treatments

Scientists at the Centre for Cancer Immunology have been awarded £2.2million to develop the next generation of targeted therapy used to treat some cancers.

Director’s year end blog

Centre Director Professor Tim Elliott takes a look back at 2018 – a pivotal year for the Centre for Cancer Immunology, its staff and the patients it was built to help.

New funding to expand lymphoma research

A scientist at the Centre for Cancer Immunology has been awarded £1.65million to expand her research into ways the immune system can be harnessed and boosted to destroy cancer cells.

Southampton cancer immunologists congratulate the winners of two of this year’s Nobel prizes

Scientists at the Centre for Cancer Immunology have played key roles in immunology research recognised by the 2018 Nobel Prize committee.

New antibody breakthrough to lead the fight against cancer

Scientists at the Centre have developed a new antibody that could hold the key to unlocking cancer’s defence against the body’s immune system.

World’s first trial of new three-part children’s cancer treatment

The Centre for Cancer Immunology is leading a world-first trans-Atlantic clinical trial that will test a new three-part treatment and give children with an aggressive form of cancer new hope in their fight against the disease.

Leading the way in lymphoma research

A cancer scientist from the Centre for Cancer Immunology has been recognised for her research that could dramatically improve lymphoma survival.

Centre immunologist recognised for major contributions to haematology research

World-leading immunologist Professor Freda Stevenson, from the Centre for Cancer Immunology, will be recognised by The American Society of Hematology (ASH) with the 2018 Henry M. Stratton Medal for her seminal contribution to haematology research.