New study could improve immunotherapy success rates

Scientists at the Centre for Cancer Immunology have made a breakthrough in understanding why some cancers don’t respond to immunotherapy treatment.

Cervical cancer discovery offers major new clue to better understand the disease

Scientists have discovered that cervical cancer can be divided into two distinct molecular subgroups – one far more aggressive than the other – as part of the largest ‘omics’ study of its kind, led by researchers at UCL and the University of Southampton. Published in Nature Communications, researchers say the breakthrough findings are a ‘major … Continued

Clinical trials begin for promising new cancer treatment discovered at Southampton

A new type of cancer treatment developed at Southampton – that it is hoped will significantly improve the success rate of immunotherapy – is undergoing clinical trials for the first time.

New potential target for cancer immunotherapy treatment revealed

A study from the Centre for Cancer Immunology has revealed a potential new target for immunotherapy treatment.

Scientists analyse structure of antibodies that could be key to more effective cancer treatments

Scientists at the Centre for Cancer Immunology have gained unprecedented new insight into the key properties of an antibody needed to fight off cancer.

New clinical trial targets rare and often incurable cancer

Researchers at the Centre for Cancer Immunology are applying an immunotherapy treatment to an often-incurable form of cancer in a new clinical trial opening in Southampton.

Southampton scientists reveal a new fundamental feature of resistance to therapy in aggressive chronic lymphocytic leukaemia

Research led by the Centre for Cancer Immunology could help identify patients at risk of rapid progression and resistance to therapy in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL).

Study highlights ongoing risk of COVID-19 in some cancer patients despite vaccination

New study highlights the importance of COVID-19 vaccination boosters for cancer patients.

Centre study reveals “crown-like structures” in breast tumours could hinder treatment

‘Crown-like structures’ surrounding breast tumours in overweight and obese patients could hinder their response to therapy, a new Southampton study has found.

Take a virtual tour of the Southampton Clinical Trials Unit for International Clinical Trials Day

To celebrate International Clinical Trials Day today (20th May) the Southampton Clinical Trials Unit (SCTU) has launched a virtual tour of their offices in the Centre for Cancer Immunology (CCI).