Antibody and Vaccine Group celebrated for innovative research

The Antibody and Vaccine Group (AVG) at the Centre for Cancer Immunology has been recognised for its innovative research by the British Society for Immunology.

New research to understand immune responses against COVID-19 vaccination

Centre for Cancer Immunology researchers are to lead a new landmark study to understand immune responses to COVID-19 vaccination.

New funding for head and neck cancer research

Centre researchers have received £1.38 million for a new research programme to improve immunotherapy treatment for head and neck cancer.

Boosting anti-cancer antibodies by reducing their grip

New research from the Centre of Cancer Immunology, published ahead of World Cancer Day (4 February), has shown that changing how tightly an antibody binds to a target could improve treatments for cancer.

Centre scientists lead major lung cancer study

A new study from researchers at the Centre for Cancer Immunology has discovered a new way to identify patients who are twice as likely to die from lung cancer.

Centre experts discuss research at University event

Scientists from the Centre for Cancer Immunology recently took part in an event for the University of Southampton to give more insight into the research taking place at the Centre.

Research from Southampton scientists enter clinical trials

Research from the Centre of Cancer Immunology which spans more than a decade has informed two new clinical trials investigating the potential of novel monoclonal antibodies to treat solid tumours, such as breast cancer.

New study could improve immunotherapy success rates

Scientists at the Centre for Cancer Immunology have made a breakthrough in understanding why some cancers don’t respond to immunotherapy treatment.

Cervical cancer discovery offers major new clue to better understand the disease

Scientists have discovered that cervical cancer can be divided into two distinct molecular subgroups – one far more aggressive than the other – as part of the largest ‘omics’ study of its kind, led by researchers at UCL and the University of Southampton. Published in Nature Communications, researchers say the breakthrough findings are a ‘major … Continued

Clinical trials begin for promising new cancer treatment discovered at Southampton

A new type of cancer treatment developed at Southampton – that it is hoped will significantly improve the success rate of immunotherapy – is undergoing clinical trials for the first time.