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On November 14, 2005, Lund University became the first Swedish university
to have a policy on Open Access.


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 Access to research results from Lund University, Sweden




The Internet has radically changed the practical and economical
possibilities for the dissemination of research results. It is vital for
Lund University to utilize these new opportunities to increase the
visibility of research production and thereby maximize access for other
researchers, industry, and the general public. This will also increase
the visibility and impact of Lund University researchers. Open access to
publications leads to more usage and greater impact for the researchers.


Many universities are working towards this goal with the support of The
Association of Swedish Higher Education (SUHF). For Lund University, this
implies the establishment of an infrastructure to advance and facilitate
open access to publications by Lund University researchers. In the U21
group, a cooperative effort in this direction has already begun.


This development means that an increasing amount of accepted doctoral
theses will be freely available on the Internet, unless prevented by
copyright agreements.


Finally, the goal is to increase the number of quality controlled
articles in scientific journals, and in conference proceedings, deposited
(parallel-published) in the University repository, together with other
publications in the form of report series and working papers,


Even though the individual researcher owns the intellectual property
rights to his/her material it is important that the Board of Lund
University supports this development.



In order to maximize the number of open access publications the Board of
Lund University strongly recommends that:


 * Researchers at Lund University, if possible, publish in journals with
    open access


 * If no equivalent open access journal is available, researchers choose
    a journal allowing parallel publishing/deposition of the article


 * Transfer of copyright be avoided. As a minimum the author's right to
    parallel publishing must be retained


 * Lund University work for the transition of scholarly journals to a
    publishing model, where articles either are made freely available to
    the reader directly or through parallel publishing
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