Re: CIHR Proposes Optimal OA Self-Archiving Mandate

From: Stevan Harnad <>
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 15:44:27 +0100

On Thu, 12 Oct 2006, David Goodman wrote:

> I would add one more desideratum, and I'm surprised you omitted it:
> full access on the day of publication is an absolute requirement,
> and has been so from the first... > 180 days delay will not serve ...
> Go back and read Budapest...

Please read the rationale for the Immediate-Deposit/Optional-Access
ID/OA Mandate:

    "Optimizing OA Self-Archiving Mandates: What? Where? When? Why? How?"

The ID/OA mandate is much stronger than the flawed, loop-hole-ridden
Delayed Deposit Mandates that everyone has been (unreflectively, and
needlessly) proposing in order to accommodate publisher embargoes. It
moots any conceivable say that publishers might have in the timing of
the deposit itself.

During any Closed Access embargo interval, authors will have the IR's
EMAIL EPRINT REQUEST button (available for DSpace IRs and for EPrints IRs )
to fulfil any individual requests for a single email copy -- Fair Use --
from all would-be users who see the deposit's openly accessible metadata.

The idea is to get these mandates adopted, at long last, not to keep delaying
them in the name of avoiding access delays! (Human nature and the soon-palpable
rewards of access and impact will take care of the rest in short order.)

Stevan Harnad
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