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Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2007 05:15:49 -0400

Professor Keith Jeffery said (Re: Inaccessible Research Publications Versus
Unpublished Research )
>"Of course, I would also add that when the objects in an OA repository are
cross linked with a CRIS (current research information system) then the
evaluation of research output is more effective and efficient and benefits
everyone. For details of CRIS see" ( , full url at [0] ). I note from
that CERIF (the Common European Research Information Format) is a
recommendation by the EU to the member states.

On 13 March 2007 the European Commission announced "New projects reports
available" ( The
announcement refers to an OA repository of reports from projects that Europe
has supported under its fifth framework programme (
, full url at [1]).

I find this repository difficult to navigate. I dont think that the objects
in the repository have any cross links. So I wonder if the Commission is
following its own CERIF recommendation.

The Commission has also just published a Communication "Scientific
Information In The Digital Age: Access, Dissemination And Preservation"
(word document) ( , full url at [2]). The
Communication is about to be discussed by the European Parliament [3] and by
scrutiny committees in national parliaments [4].

Is the Commission preaching CERIF, and practicing something else? It would
be helpful if readers with archiving expertise could look at the
Commission's repository ( , full url at [1]), and
post comments, favourable or unfavourable, to this list. A consensus here
would help legislators to consider "Access, Dissemination And Preservation"
with due diligence.


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