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Dear Colleagues,

I am not sure that everybody subscribes to the blog feeds and for that
reason I inform you of my comments on the NIH mandatory policy at posted today on our blog.
I have associated to my comments an important European news: the launching
of EurOpenScholarship at the Université de Liège, on 18th October.
Below, is the copy of my post .

My comments on the NIH mandatory policy.

1) At last, the mandate strongly recommended (since 2003) to university
rectors by Stevan Harnad to increase Open Access to scientific publications
seems not to be so scandalous and it becomes the obvious way forward, even
for politicians and governments.

2) This success is very important and we must hail the important work of ATA
and SPARC and of all the researchers who have been working with these
organisations. The report does not mention how many battles (reports and
counter-reports) have been necessary to gain this result but we know how
tough the fight has been behind the scenes.

3) In my opinion another movement born in October, in Europe,
EurOpenScholarship, though it seems not to have had the same impact in the
press, could have an even greater impact on Open Access in the long-term:

Why? This new movement is in the hand of rectors who can very rapidly
mandate self-archiving in their university (as Bernard Rentier has done at
Liège University). If they do this, self-archiving will not be restricted to
biomedicine as it is with the NIH policy.

Below is the information on EuroOpenScholarship translated from text of
Bernard Rentier, Rector, Université de Liège at

(this translation is extracted from Open Access Archivangelism by Stevan

Conference of Rectors of European Universities convened in Liège on 18
October 2007 by the Rector of the University of Liège, Bernard Rentier, has
launched EurOpenScholarship:

"a showcase and a tool for the promotion of Open Access (OA) in Europe. It
will be a consortium of European universities resolved to move forward on OA
and to try to convince the largest possible number of researchers, their
institutions and their European Funding Agencies to engage now in what will
undoubtedly be the mode of communication of tomorrow. The transitional
period will be the most challenging. Our goal is to facilitate and thereby
accelerate as much as possible the transition to the OA era.

"The EurOpenScholarship web site, hosted by the ULg, will provide an
information-gathering service concerning OA institutional repositories and
OA journals, with a discussion forum on OA as well as the methods emerging
in the field of scientometrics (research performance and impact measurement,
ranking and analysis).

"EurOpenScholarship's primary objective will be to open researchers' eyes to
the new ways of promoting the spread of knowledge and of assessing research
progress and performance in the OA era. This will contribute to the
advancement of research in Europe and to the promotion of European research
and researchers.

"In addition, EurOpenScholarship will address itself to research managers,
funding agencies, national and local research policy-makers, the R&D
industry, the media, and the general public, facilitating synergies and
technology transfer and providing an effective channel for the communication
of real science to the public, either directly or through the media."

Hélène Bosc

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