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Subject: Cost of running an OA repository

<Does anyone have a good estimate of the real financial cost of
<running an OA repository?

This subject has often been discussed on this list and we will probably
receive an updated estimate.

<On this list, Hélène Bosc has recently told some of the
<organisational obstacles in setting up an E-prints repository
<[1] - but she didnt mention finance as an issue.

You are right : no financial issues.
You can easily imagine that I had no funds for starting this kind of
underground experiment.
But Eprints is open source and we have rescued old computers no one wanted .

Our first machine in 2001, was a SUN SS20 under Unix Solaris 7.

In 2004, we succeeded to change and reinstall our archive on an old PC
Pentium III with Linux (900 Mhz, RAM 256 Mo, hard disk10 Go).

I know that 45 Mo are necessary for 54 documents. Therefore we can estimate
that the present machine will be able to contain about 1500 documents. It's
quite enough for a beginning!

In our case, the only cost was (is) computer technician's time
(administration, etc.). I am sure that more details on this cost will be
given by ECS Southampton.

Hélène Bosc
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