Re: Universities with PhD Mandates

From: James Tuttle <james_tuttle_at_NCSU.EDU>
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2008 12:47:40 -0500

> Bravo! (Now all NCSU need do to optimize their admirable policy for
> theses is to apply it also to all NCSU research article output -- and to
> add the "Email Eprint Request
> <> "
> Button to the NCSU Institutional Repository
> <> !
> EPrints
> <>
> invented it, but Eloy Rodrigues kindly created one for DSpace
> <> too.
> Stevan Harnad

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your support. I'm not sure, however, that I fully understand
your response. We do collect citations and, when available, full-text
of university scholarly output in a Scholarly Publications Repository at It's true that
there is no university requirement to submit publications to the
repository. I expect that isn't a political issue that would get much
traction at the university level.

Thanks for the link regarding the "Email Eprint Request" button. I
wonder, though, have you any statistics regarding the use of the button?
At NCSU, theses and dissertations are submitted at the completion of a
degree program. The email addresses contained in our database are
mostly university addresses connected to university computing accounts
that terminate shortly after the student leaves the university. Does
your organization provide some service or facility for managing email
addresses? This solution seems much better suited to scholarly works
that are not ETDs. All non-ETD publications are not provided an embargo

Also, thank you for pointing out that we are not registered OA
providers. As we migrate our existing repositories in the coming months
and undertake the design process to create a replacement for ETD-DB,
I'll be sure to keep that objective in mind.


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