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Dr John Langley's Group

Mass Spectrometry and Supercritical Fluid Chromatography at the University of Southampton


Research Projects

Mass Spectrometry, UHPLC, SFC and MS-MS

  • G. John Langley and Julie Herniman: Application of separation science and mass spectrometry as a routine tool for petrochemical analysis, chemistry/chemical biology as well as probing new areas for research .

Past Research Projects

  • Christianne Wicking: Development and application of mass spectrometry coupled with chromatographic techniques for analysing bio-derived components in fuels and lubricants
  • Angelika Galezowska: Investigation of the fragmentation pathways of novel compounds from the synthetic pathways of AstraZeneca compounds to facilitate rapid characterisation using tandem MS approaches and accurate mass measurement
  • Jo-Anne Riley: Development and implementation of mass-tagged oligonucleotides as bioanalytical probes
  • Mohini Thite: Approaches towards implementation of supercritical fluid chromatography-mass spectrometry (SFC-MS) for high-throughput analysis of pharmaceutical compounds.
  • Stephen Holman: Facilitating rapid metabolite identification by using mass spectrometry to determine fragmentation patterns that may be characteristic of the site of metabolism of pharmaceutical compounds.
  • Louisa Wronska: Investigating the factors and protocols that influence exact mass measurement by FT-ICR MS to improve the confidence of assignment of elemental composition.
  • Amaury Cazenave Gassiot: Prediction of retention for pharmaceutical molecules in supercritical fluid chromatography: The synthesis and analysis of a library of sulfonamides.
  • Rachel Ball: A mass spectrometry based hybridisation assay for single nucleotide polymorphism analysis.
  • Carol Carmody: CLND and in-source CID ESI-MS: A route to a truly quantitative HPLC detector?
  • Katerina Klagkou: Approaches towards the automated interpretation and prediction of ESI-MS/MS spectra of non-peptidic, pharmaceutical, combinatorial compounds.
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