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Mass Spectrometry and Supercritical Fluid Chromatography at the University of Southampton


Welcome to John Langley's Group Webpage

We are an analytical chemistry group within Chemistry at the University of Southampton.

Our work is focused on the fundamentals and application of mass spectrometry (MS) and separation science  (GC-MS, LC-MS and SFC-MS). Current research is on petrochemistry, fuels and developing new analytical approaches and understanding (EPSRC, BP, Innospec).

Previous research areas include high throughput methodologies, gas phase ion chemistry using MS/MS and molecular modelling, MS of oligonucleotides and continued development of a web-based open access mass spectrometry interface (with SpectralWorks). Other projects have involved, biodiesel analysis (EPSRC/BP, development of self-reporting probe for hybridisation assays (BBSRC/Pfizer), novel low mass MALDI approaches, metabolite identification using MSn techniques (BBSRC/Pfizer), application of SFC in relation to the high throughput analysis of pharmaceutical compounds (CCE consortium), factors that influence the accuracy and precision of accurate mass measurement  (LGC), direct and indirect MS approaches to DNA/PNA analysis, use of the improved high throughput use of the ChemiLuminescent Nitrogen Detector and the use of an Artificial Intelligence software package to automatically interpret MS/MS spectra of non-peptidic systems produced by combichem methods. Improved MS/MS data interpretation projects are still ongoing.

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