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The University of Southampton
Web Science Institute

Our Students

Our students come from a wide range of backgrounds and are carrying out research in a wide range of fields related to Web Science. These include: archiving, geospatial data, hypertext, health technologies, information dissemination, legislation, MOOCs, scholarly communication, semantic web and social media.

Many of our students have graduated, find out more about what they are doing now on our Alumni page.

If you would like to know more about the research our students are carrying out, please contact us at


NameThesis Title/Research TopicGraduated
Chris AdetunjiEnterprise Mobility and Social Media Analytics as Leverage for Corporate Knowledge Management2018
Fatmah AkeelSecure Data Integration Systems2017
Nada Al Bunni  
Reham Al TamineThesis: Behind the Wikipedia Medical Knowledge Factory: Understanding Information Dynamics2020
Craig AllisonExploring Orientation within Geovisualisations and Virtual Nested Environments2016
Norah AlrajebahInvestigating Cascades in Social Networks: Structural and Temporal Aspects2018 
Mark AndersonMy current thesis is entitled “Sustaining Knowledge in Hypertext” and looks at how the medium of hypertext is—or perhaps isn’t—being used effectively to store knowledge2020
Stephen AnningInvestigating Humanity’s Relationship with Violence Relative to the Web 
Jacqueline Ayling  
James BakerDesigning Immersive Serious Games2017
Gareth BeestonA Case Study Analysis of the Success Factors in Web-based and Offline Social Innovation Competitions2018
Nick BennettThesis: Data Mining Locative Thematic Narratives: Analysing Twitter and POI Data to Extract Precise Spatial Themes 
Reuben BinnsOpenness for Privacy: Applying Open Approaches to Personal Data Challenges2016
Robert BlairThesis: Exploring Barriers To Use Of Social Media In Support Of Non-Formal Learning By Pupils Attending Secondary Education In The UK: A Mixed Method Approach2018
Tom BlountFinal thesis: Modelling Eristic and Rhetorical Argumentation on the Social Web2018
Paul BoothThesis: Analytical Behaviour: A Study of Decision-Making Facilitated by Visual Analytics2019
Clarissa BroughListening to Gender: The Role of Online Music Networks in the Construction, Performance and Management of Gender Identity 
Ian BrownThe DNA of Web Observatories2017
Gunawan BudiprasetyoThesis: Optimisation Classification on the Web of Data Using Linked Data. A Study Case: Movie Popularity Classification 2019
Emily Burden  



NameThesis Title/Research TopicGraduated
Christopher CaveThesis: On Coarse Geometric Properties of Discrete and Locally Compact Groups2015
Sebastien CombretMobile Data Visualisation to Improve Diet-related Behaviour in Developing Countries 
Mariam CookHow Can AI Support Democratic Decision-making? 
Ian CoombsAssessing the Effectiveness of Secondary Schools in Teaching Students About Social Media 
Elizabeth CoskunThesis: Emerging a Web Science Lexicon2018
Emma CraddokWhat are the Effects of Standardisation on Privacy Policies? 
Huw DaviesThesis: Challenging Orthodoxies in Digital Literacy: young people's practices online2015
Michael DayThesis: Teaching the Web: Moving Towards Principles for Web Education2019
Geane de Almedia Fontinele ZadraDesigning a Technology for Helping Blind People to do Moderate-to-vigorous Physical Activity 
Karla De Lima GuedesOnline Facilitation of Language Learning: An Exploratory EAP Study 
Mark DixArtificial Intelligence Diffusion and Adoption Strategies Amongst UK Knowledge Intensive SMEs 
Jo DixonMy research focuses on how low-literate adult learners of English from refugee and asylum-seeking backgrounds use the internet and explores how text-to-speech and speech-to-text technology might increase their digital inclusion and support their literacy development 
Conrad D'SouzaApplying Topological Data Analysis to Big Data: An Analysis of Horse Racing Data 
Jean-Remy DubocThesis: Dynamic Feedback Generation in Virtual Patients using Semantic Web Technologies2013
Alexandra Dulieu-RaynerResearching Queer Female Visibility Online 
Roushdat ElabeebocusThesis: Semi-Auto Blogging System: Merging Mobile and Ubiquitous System with Web 2.0 and Semantic Web through Blogs2018
Maire EvansA Framework for Analysis of Web-Mediated Policy-Making in the areas of Crime, Cybercrime and Cybersecurity2020



NameThesis Title/Research TopicGraduated
Nicholas FairUnderstanding Personal learning networks: a framework analysis 
Gemma FitzsimmonsThesis: The influence of hyperlinks on reading on the web: an empirical approach 2016
Mark FrankThe potential for open data to enhance democratic engagement in UK local government 
Huw FryerThesis: The Public Health Analogy in Web Security2016
Will FysonThesis: A Multi-Stakeholder Investigation into the Effect of the Web on Scholarly Communication in Chemistry2017
Gulcan GaripThesis: Modifying and evaluating the feasibility of a web-based weight loss intervention for Royal Navy personnel 2013
Paul GaskellThesis: Forecasting Financial Markets with Online information2016
Jennifer GaskellThesis: Conceptualising the Web in post-conflict reconstruction and governance building in fragile states2019
Laura GermanThesis: Moving towards a Web of Data: Establishing principles of Governance for Open Data on the Web2015
Edward GillbardCan relative deprivation be considered a principal cause of cybercrime? 
Ben GiordanoOnline Memory Communities of London’s East End 
Richard GomerThesis: Values in Technology and Practice: Using Activity Theory to consider the role of values and technology in everyday activities2018
Briony GrayThesis: Addressing Web accessibility, reliability and usability issues of geographic virtual environments during disaster situations2019
Lawrence GreenThesis: Employing web-based information in financial decision-making2018
Alexander GreenResearching crowdfunding for personal health and welfare 
Caroline HalcrowAn investigation into how local online-offline communities might strengthen through digital interventions supporting civic engagement 
Faranak HardcastleThesis: Internet Governance- The development of Web Standards and Internet Protocols2019
Matt HealeyThesis: An examination of the extent the Internet has empowered young people to take greater control of their information, advice and guidance needs2015
Sarah HewittSentiment Analysis of the Education Blogosphere 
Mary HoustonThesis: Inside government: the role of policy actors in shaping e-democracy in the UK2016
Christopher HughesThesis: The Regulatory Dilemma: An Interdisciplinary Perspective Into How Regulation Can Be Used to Impact Innovation2018



NameThesis Title/Research TopicGraduated
Ryan JavanshirUnderstanding the Media Specificity, Methods of Narrative Flow and Transitions of Media in Portmanteau Transmedia Stories 
Simon JonssonIncreasing Usage of Language Learning Mobile Applications Through the Use of Gamification 
Sami KanzaThesis: What Influence would a Cloud Based Semantic Laboratory Notebook have on the Digitisation and Management of Scientific Research? 
Anna Kent-MullerUtilising Score-based Analysis in Music Similarity Recommendation 
Sarosh KhanThesis: An Analysis of the potential vicarious liability on employers for defamatory remarks posted online as a result of their employees usage of social media during the course of employment2016
Ashton KingdonMan or Machine? A Criminological Exploration into the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Online Radicalisation 
Sofia KitromiliAuthoring Digital Interactive Narratives 
Alison KnightThesis: Uk Legal Issues Related to the Admissibility and Due Process Surrounding digital Identification2019
Juljan Krause‘100 million times faster than your PC!’ – Quantum Communication and the Construction of a Future Present 
Christos KoumenidesThesis: A Bayesian Inference Network Model for Entity-Oriented Semantic Web Search2014
William LawrenceThesis: Individual Differences in Decision Making Biases: The Effects of Experience and Innovativeness on Trader Behaviour2018
Manuel Leon-UrrutiaThesis: MOOCs and Competencies for Higher Education Transformation: An Activity Theory Analysis2019
Justyna Lisinska (nee Jonak)Digital populism 
Ching Man (Lo)The role of friendship group & Social Communication in online Collaborative learning within the context of mathematics education 


NameThesis Title/Research TopicGraduated
Neil MacEwanThesis: Responsibilisation, Rules and Rule-following concerning Cyber Security: Findings from Small Business Case Studies in the UK2017
Dola MajekodunmiA comparative study of social media banking in Nigeria and England using UAUT model 
Vincent Marmion  
David MatthewsThesis: An Investigation into Interdisciplinary Networks: What Can Web-Related Network Design Learn from a Model of Alzheimer's Disease?2011
Nathaniel McInnesAn understanding of Technical and Policy issues of Security in Voice over IP Technologies 
Rafael Melgarejo HerediaThesis: Dataset for: Values, Social Imaginaries and the Internet Control2019
Cat MorganDigital Justice or Shouting into Cyberspace?: How do feminist anti-street harassment activist groups use the Web to drive criminal justice reform? 
Jo MunsonGrocery Shopping in Digitally mediated World 
Rebecca NashThesis: Making Bodies: The Role of the Web on Women’s Engagement with Aesthetic Surgery2017
Russell NewmanThesis: Management of the Accessibility Quality Assurance Process2015
Allison NobleHow Music Streaming Services are Changing Musical Genre 
Terhi Nurmikko-FullerThesis: Telling Ancient Tales to Modern Machines: Ontological Representation of Sumerian Literary Narratives2015
Jessica OgdenMy PhD is focused on web archival practice itself and how ‘the doing’ of web archives shapes what is known about the Web 
Tim O'RiordanThesis: Evaluation and Automatic Analysis of MOOC Forum Comments2018
Alexander OwenInteraction with the internet of things 


NameThesis Title/Research TopicGraduated
Amy Page (nee Lynch)Thesis: Off the record: examining interprofessional humour between healthcare professionals and reddit2019
Evangelia PapdakiThesis: What Amendments Need to Be Made to The Current EU Legal Framework to Better Address The Security Obligations of Data Controllers?2018
Brian ParkinsonThesis: Personal Data: Definition and Access2018
Oliver Parson Thesis: Unsupervised Training Methods for Non-intrusive Appliance Load Monitoring from Smart Meter Data 2014
Ellena ParsonsNo Fun for Free: How Users Engage in Digital Labour in Order to Participate in Web-Based Leisure Activities 
Sophie ParsonsThesis: The Evolving Symbiotic Relationship between Social Media and Emergency Management: An Exploration into the Value of Social Media for Emergency Responders in the UK2019
Bartosz PaszczaI aim to build expert knowledge in the topic of scholarly knowledge communication system and perspectives of it's development in the future 
Martina Patone  
Jarutas PattanaphanchaiThesis: Trustworthiness of Web Information Evaluation Framework2014
Henry Pearce  
Javier PeredaThesis: Online Cultural Heritage: Facilitating Complex Query Making through Tangible User Interfaces2018
Christopher PhetheanThesis: Exploring The Value of Social Media Services for Charitable Organisations: A Mixed Methods Approach2015
Olivier PhillipeThesis: Digital Traces, Sociology, and Twitter. Between False Promises and Real Potential2018
Alan Ponce RodriguezLinked Open Data Promoting New Business Roles in Emerging Economies 
Igor PopovThesis: End-user Data-centric Interactions over Linked Data2013
Maria PriestleyUsing Cultural Evolutionary Approaches to Investigate Technological Change on the Web 
Travis Ralph-DonaldsonImproving Audio-visual Speech Recognition with Augmented Facial-mapping 
Neal ReevesThesis: Off the record: examining interprofessional humour between healthcare professionals and reddit2019
Elzabi RimmingtonThesis: The Social Function of Toxic Behaviour in an online video game2018
Kieran RonesHow has the Web changed How We Own Content? 
Bernard RoperInvestigating the Role of Data Provenance in The Quality Labelling of Volunteered Geographic Information 
Mike SakerThesis: Smartphones and Pervasive Play: An Examination of the Effect Foursquare has on Physical, Spatial and Social Practices2015
Mike SanterThesis: A model to describe the adoption of mobile internet in sub-saharan africa2013
Fernando Santos-SanchezThe Role of Emotion in Clinical Text 
Farhana SarkerThesis: Linked data technologies to support higher education challenges: student retention, progression and completion2015
Nina SchullerCollective Memory on the Web: Remembering Who We Are in the Digital Age 
Jonathan ScottThesis: Augmenting Documents with Credibility Feedback from Twitter2017
Rana ShahiniOvercoming Cultural Challenges in Multicultural Open Online Learning Environments 
Nichole Smith (previously Beale)

Thesis: Local Archaeology Archives as Participatory Heritage: Investigating the Potential of Social Media to Improve Access to Archaeological Archives in Local Government Affiliated Museums

Jonathan StaniforthAn Investigation into the Problem of Demand on Shared Mobility Services Submitters 
Peter SturgessAn investigation into the Role of Responsible Algorithms and the Web n radicalisation and counter-radicalisation activities in contemporary Western society. 
Lisa SugiuraThesis: Respectable Deviance? Negotiating the opportunities and risks in online medicine purchasing2016


NameThesis Title/Research TopicGraduated
Keisha TaylorAn analysis of the innovative use of the web by micro, small and medium enterprises for socio-economic development in rural areas, small islands, and cities in developing and emerging markets 2020
Rachel Taylor-HamiltonThe role of the web in adolescent online health information searching about vaccines 
Andy ThompsonThesis: The prevalence of civic talk and best practice within the online spaces of UK democratic intermediaries2016
Robert ThorburnEngineering Privacy by Design into IoT Devices 
Gefion ThuermerThesis: Differences in decision-making between web-native and non-web native political parties2019
Ramine TinatiThesis: Towards an Understanding of Web Growth: An Empirical Study of Socio-Technical Web Activity of Open Government Data2014
Alexandra TkaczCreative Text Generation and the Web 
Chira TochiaAn exploration of the role technology plays in boundary management for social media practitioners 
John (Jack) TownsendThesis: Digital systems for sustainability: a classification of ICT4S and smart green startups distinguishing automation, social computing and cleantech push2018
Niko TsakalakisTowards a European Electronic identity: interoperability of flexible market driven identity assurance and highly regulated identity management across member states 
Gert Jan Van HardeveldThesis: Deviating from the cybercriminal script: Exploring the contextual factors and cognitive biases involved in carding2018
Johanna WalkerAn Analysis of Demand and supply of Open Data 
Eamonn WallsThesis: The Perceived Relation between ICTs and Social Good2017
Clare WalshUse of Recommender Systems in Testing2020
Jack WebsterThesis: Taste in the digital age: Music streaming services and the performance of class distinction2019
Peter WestThe dangers of patient Data in clinical decision making 
Anna WestonThesis: The DisENGAGE Framework: Exploring disengagement from health-based Digital Behaviour Change Interventions2019
Steve WhiteThesis: Embedding MOOCs in face to face courses at Southampton: Identifying the core competencies required for successful learning in hybrid courses2019
Yang YangThesis: Link Services for Linked Data2015
Jiadi YaoThesis: Understanding institutional collaboration networks: effects of collaboration on research impact and productivity2015
Michael Yip

Thesis: Target Hardening the World Wide Web

Michele ZadraThe long-term impact of institutionally enforced E-democracy in English local administrations 
Aristea-Maria ZafeiropoulouThesis: A paradox of privacy: unravelling the reasoning behind online location sharing2015



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